About us

We are an independent UK shipping agent and freight forwarding company based in Scotland, UK. We specialise in all import and export shipping services to and from the UK, acting as:
- ships agents for cargo ships, research ships and cruise ships
- freight forwarders
- ship brokers
- customs clearance agents
- project cargos


The Story of T Ward Shipping

t.ward shipping Ltd was formed in the early 20th century but has been located at our Leith, Edinburgh office since the 1970’s as UK shipping agents and forwarders covering east coast and west coast Scottish ports - please see ports we cover for more information.
As forwarding agents, we offer a range of shipping services for Scottish and UK businesses and individuals. We specialise in sea freight, air freight and road freight. We have been active members of BIFA (the governing body for freight forwarders) for many years now and all our trading terms are as per up to date BIFA trading terms.

Small company, big ideas:

We offer a full comprehensive, personalised service to importers and exporters

In a world full of multinational freight forwarding companies, offering a more comprehensive and personalised service is our biggest strength. Working independently gives us the freedom to tailor our services. This means:
- a wider choice for customers
- increased flexibility to accommodate specific customer requirements
- we can be competitively priced and still maintain the strong level of personalised customer service our clients expect
- we get to know our customers and are on the other end of the phone or email if you need us
- we can go above and beyond to assist our customers

Contact us

Contact us for more information on any specific services we offer, or to discuss your individual requirements.