2017 - Time to review your transport and shipping services?

19th January 2017

Freight rates and shipping companies in the UK

With the demise of Hanjin causing freight rates to rise, 2017 is a great time to compare your shipping and transport costs to and from the UK. Shipping rates are set to rise in 2017 for first time since 2010, according to forecasts. This could come as a shock to companies used to low international transport costs we’ve enjoyed for some time now. Spending some time comparing services from different shipping companies in the UK is  worthwhile to ensure you are getting the best service and price you can.

Surge in Amazon and Ebay traders and their impact on shipping

Over the last twelve months, we have seen a surge in customers who sell their goods on Amazon and Ebay. Ebay and Amazon have launched cross border trade initiatives, opening up international sales for retailers of all sizes. Additionally, buyers on these platforms can find a bargain by shopping around internationally. They need a reliable shipping agent with competitive rates, and have been coming to us for help and advice. We don’t just work with the big names, we’re happy to assist individuals and small businesses. It is also vital that a transport company understands and applies customs and tax regulations. The UK Government publish advice on customs and tax on goods bought from overseas suppliers online.

Understanding customs procedures

We understand many people find getting information and advice on import/export customs procedures difficult, from understanding how import vat and duty works to how to classify your goods.  This is something we can assist you with and provide peace of mind that everything is being taken care of when you import or export your goods.

Transporting a wide range of goods

In 2016 we saw a vast range in cargo, including:


Classic Cars, Art Sculptures, Charitable goods, Fire Engines, manufactured goods from China, fire fighting equipment, rugs from India, project cargo, paintings, peonies and pipes.

We have dealt with large and small companies and individuals - no project is too big or too small.

Shipping to and from Scotland and the UK

Shipping from the UK can be challenging, especially when you are not familiar with the type of shipping company you are dealing with, the kind of handling , warehousing and transportation services you will need and how your items will be cleared at the destination address. With a reputable and competent shipping company, you don’t have to worry about getting your shipments. An ideal shipping company can get your goods delivered from the UK in the safest and timely manner.

At t. ward shipping we are experienced in handling consignments of all sizes and types and we offer our services to a wide range of Scottish and UK ports.