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01st January 1970

Global shipping rates have been under tremendous pressure in 2021, with a number of issues coming together to affect prices. We have seen some rates increase by up to five times this year due to issues that include the pandemic, a global shortage of shipping containers, Brexit and the blockage in the Suez Canal. These problems will affect global shipping rates for some time, but in the meantime, we are focused on providing the best options possible to our clients. 


Costs for exporting from the UK 


Although all shipping rates are currently high for imports from Asia, exporting rates are steadier than importing rates, and are thus more manageable. We have seen an increase in exports from the UK over the past few months, and have worked hard to explore options with our customers to keep costs as low as possible. 


Method of transport for your goods


Method of transport will partly be determined by the size, weight and nature of your product, but costs can also play a factor. Costs must be balanced with transport time and your requirements. Air freight is quicker, but can be more expensive. Sea freight is cheaper but has longer transit time. The balance between the two are individual to each consignment.


Consolidating your goods


The bigger the shipment, the higher the cost to transport it. However, moving goods in bulk is considerably cheaper than managing lots of small shipments.  Planning fewer shipments will bring your costs down in the long run.


Package your goods well

It is essential that your goods are well packaged, properly sealed and labelled correctly. They can also be packed smartly, and condensed into the right size of box. The more pallets you have, the higher the costs. See more about packaging on our blog

Ensure your documentation is correct


Incorrect or incomplete paperwork will cause delays and disruption which will inevitably have to be paid for. Ensuring documentation meets the requirements for your goods based on the commodity and the destination will save time and money. More on exporting documentation


Popular destinations for exporters


Exporting to Asia


Asia is an increasingly popular destination for UK exporters, with China, Hong Kong and Singapore leading the way. With a huge population and increasing demand for western products, this is a great market to get into. 

Exporting to the Middle East


Countries like Bahrain, Qatar and UAE have growing markets for UK goods and there is demand. There are strong links with the UK already in place.

Exporting to the USA


As the biggest export market for the UK, they have been a close trading partner for a long time. UK based products are popular there and continue to be a good option for UK based exporters.


Further information on exporting


Our role is to come up with creative solutions for our clients and work closely with them to meet their particular cost and time requirements. We understand that each customer and shipment is unique and requires a unique approach. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


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