Exporting from the UK

10th April 2017

The UK government aim to increase UK exports by encouraging more businesses to sell their goods in global markets. The new government website ‘Exporting is great’ is an invaluable resource and guide for any company thinking of exporting goods for the first time. It is part of a ‘push to help a further 100,000 more UK businesses export by 2020.’
Exporting can be daunting for companies used to selling only within the UK, but the rewards are there for companies who sell to overseas markets.

“85% of companies say exporting has led to a level of growth not otherwise possible.”

Exporting by smaller companies

At T.Ward Shipping, we have noticed a sharp rise in smaller organisations importing and exporting goods through platforms like Ebay and Amazon. Their cross border trade initiatives have opened up international sales for retailers of all sizes. Global trading companies like these have made selling to overseas markets more straightforward, but transport and logistics can still be confusing and complex.

Transport and logistics

To transport your goods overseas, it will usually save time and money to recruit a freight forwarding company to arrange things for you.

Freight Forwarding Services

Freight forwarding is the movement of goods from one part of the world to another as economically and efficiently as possible. The aim is to ensure that cargo arrives at the right destination at the right time.As a freight forwarding company, we are responsible for choosing the best, cost effective distribution needs for our clients.
Although we are a very much a shipping company, we handle all aspects of the transportation by sea, air and land - sea freight, air freight and road freight. We can also arrange courier shipments.
Additional services we offer to customers who export goods are:

Assistance with incoterms (shipping terms)

Incoterms are trade terms used to define each of the obligations of seller and buyer when moving goods. The specific term makes it clear who is responsible for each aspect of the cost/risk at each stage of movement. You should always try and negotiate Incoterms into your sales contract, to avoid disputes at a later date. We explain some of the more common terms on this blog post.  

Your rights as an exporter
We help our clients understand where their responsibility as a seller ends and when the buyers responsibility begins.

Liability throughout the shipping process

It is important that an exporter understands their liabilities throughout the shipping process. This can save time and money should a dispute occur.

Assistance with letters of credit

A letter of credit is a guarantee from a bank that a seller will receive a payment due from a buyer. The bank guarantees that the seller will be paid an agreed amount of money by a certain date. The bank in question will require documents - for example shipping confirmation - as a proof that this agreement will be upheld.
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