First Time Importers Paraiba Beachwear

01st March 2018

Paraiba Beachwear create beachwear inspired by travelling, adventure and Mexico. The company was founded by two friends from London but is actually based in Mexico. They came to us when they were looking for a shipping agent to help them ship their clothing products from Mexico to the UK. They had never imported anything to the UK before and describe themselves as ‘complete novices’.

The process – importing to the UK from Mexico

The goods (about 1 x pallet) were airfreighted from Mexico to London Heathrow. We organized all the handling and UK customs clearance, in addition to delivering goods to their final destination within the UK.  We did this within the free time permitted by London Heathrow airport, ensuring there were no additional costs.

Prior to shipment, we assisted Paraiba Beachwear with obtaining an EORI number and classifying their goods with HMRC in order to obtain the correct commodity codes.

We asked them about their experience importing goods for the first time, and what they learned during the process.


Did you hit any problems and how did you resolve them?

The shipment went through very smoothly. I have complete confidence and trust in T Ward and will continue to use them for all our future shipments from Mexico to UK, as I own a beachwear brand that is produced in Mexico but sells globally.


How did you find a shipping company?

I found T Ward shipping through a Google search. As complete beginners, we started by doing a quick online search.



What did T.Ward Shipping contribute to the import process?

Callum and Jim (my contacts at T Ward) were both incredibly helpful. They didn't get frustrated at all with all my questions and emails. They managed to put my mind completely at rest.


Is there anything you would you do differently next time?

We were very happy with how it went so can’t think of anything we’d need to do differently.


Do you have any advice for other 1st time importers?

It definitely helped us having a shipping company that were easy to speak to and easy to get hold off, this made the process very simple for us. I would definitely say it’s important to use a shipping company that are easy to get hold off and quick at giving you answers.


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