Grangemouth and Greenock - Scottish gateway to the rest of the world

25th October 2018

If you’re exporting or importing goods to or from Scotland, Grangemouth and Greenock are the two main container ports on your doorstep. From these two ports you can import and export cargo worldwide!
Now, more than ever, is a great time to start thinking of how your business can benefit from buying or selling from overseas. Shipping to or from Grangemouth and Greenock is the most cost-effectiveway to import or export your goods to or from Scotland.
Containerized imports and exports to/from Grangemouth and Greenock will often tranship at Rotterdam or Antwerp. Whilst it can sometimes be quicker (but more expensive) to ship direct to/from Southampton, Felixstowe or London, we often find the turnaround time - from time of discharge to receiving goods to your door can be quicker at Grangemouth and Greenock. In recent months Southampton has faced delays getting containers out and Felixstowe is still experiencing IT issues causing delays to getting container out of the docks.
Here in Scotland, using our locally sourced sub-contractors, t.ward can offer a complete range of
cargo handling services for containerized exports. Some examples are:
  • - Stuffing 20’ and 40’ containers with palletized goods + loose cartons
  • - Full range of crane services to lift heavy and oversized items into containers/flat racks
  • - Lashing and securing of Out of Gauge cargo on Flat rack and Open top containers


Everything you may possible need for a shipping service can be done in Scotland!