Last minute shipping for Chinese New Year

23rd January 2019

 Chinese New Year celebrations officially begin on the 5th February and can last for up to ten days. Chinese companies who are an important part of the supply chain, are closed for a significant period. In our global economy, this can have quite an impact on trade around the world.


Our agents in China will be closed from the 4th to the 10th February for the Spring Festival. Everything will be open again on the 11th February.  


Smaller (LCL) shipments

LCL, or  less than container load is generally used for smaller shipments. The last closing date for shipping LCL is the 28th January. 
More information on LCL 


Larger (FCL) shipments

FCL or full container load is used for larger shipments. As space is at a premium due to the rush to ship before the holiday, those wishing to ship this way need to apply to an agent for space/availability. This will be limited and subject to haulage availability.

More information on FCL

Please be aware rates will be at a premium in the run up to Chinese New Year.




Airfreight will see a rise in demand due to the lack of available shipping.This will inevitably affect the cost and available spaces for airfreight, so this option can be costly.


After the holiday

There is good news for those who can wait until after the holiday. After the rush to ship everything before the new year begins, there is generally no backlog when companies begin operating again. To rejuvenate growth, rates are typically reduced meaning it can be a very cost effective time to ship.


Happy New Year or xīn nián kuài lè !