Packaging goods for shipping

29th March 2018

Your goods must be properly packaged and labeled before shipped. They must also meet certain packaging requirements to ensure that they are delivered safely to their destinations. Here are some ways you can help yourself with consignment packaging;

  • Make sure that sensitive or dangerous goods are packaged inside the package, and use the proper markings and labels for such. Make sure that the functions of the packaged goods are not impaired by the over-pack materials used.
  • Mixed packaging of sensitive or dangerous items must be labeled individually to avoid mix ups.
  • Markings on shipment containers must be readily visible; such markings must withstand open weather exposure without fading out. Markings and labels must be displayed on the background if contrasting colours are used in designing the packaging materials. Make sure that salvage packaging materials are marked as Salvaged
  • Packaging items that contain environmental hazards must be durably marked as environmental hazards for proper identification. Inner packaging must be used in packing dangerous liquids and other materials
  • All labels used in packaging shipments must clearly identify any primary and secondary risks within the shipments.
  • You must include special symbols and directives that can help in the storing , handling and transportation of any sensitive shipment.
  • Placards must be clearly displayed on the exterior of transporting units and can also be displayed at the background of contrasting colours to avoid confusion.
  • Make sure you inspect all packages and see that there are no leakages, breakages and misinformation on them before they are finally loaded for shipping.
  • Fragile items should not be at the bottom or arranged too close to sturdy packaged shipments to avoid breakages.
  • Make sure you use a check list and exercise caution when loading each box of consignments into trucks or any other transporting medium. All documents listing all shipment items must be provided by the shipping company.
If you have any enquiries or are unsure about packing your goods, please give us a call!