Shipping cars with t ward shipping

14th November 2016

It can feel as if there is red tape everywhere when you start looking into importing or exporting vehicles.

If you’re thinking about selling a commercial vehicle such as a van, tractor or bulldozer, or even considering sending your own car, classic or otherwise, abroad, we know everything you need to know about the regulations and procedures involved, so we can offer you advice and assistance - even take the entire project off your hands and arrange everything for you.

Shipping classic cars
 is one of our specialist areas so come to us if you need help with that, too. t.ward shipping will have all the information and experience you need to be able to ship your vehicles in and out of the UK with as little stress as possible.

We can help with the following:

·         Full shipping and customs service for shipment of your private vehicle.

·         Collection of your vehicle - taking it from door to port.

·         Shipping your vehicle by container to all ports around the world.

·         Lashing and securing your car in a container making sure that it’s safe to transported.

·         Vehicle pre-checking prior to export.

·         Ro/Ro (roll on/roll off) service for cars being shipped to West and East Africa.

We love helping people import and export their classic cars, so please feel free to get in touch with us at t ward shipping if this is something you are currently thinking about doing.

We’d love to talk to you about helping you to import your vehicles, so contact us as soon as possible and let our friendly team guide you through the red tape - before you know it, you’ll be enjoying lovely classic car.