Shipping for Chippendale School of Furniture

24th October 2017

The Chippendale International School of Furniture in East Lothian was founded in 1985, and is one of the world’s top furniture making and design schools. It attracts students from all over the world with a variety of courses focussing on traditional and modern furniture making. In the past 2 years, they have taught students from USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Singapore, Russia, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, India, France.


Shipping Furniture

For over 15 years, T.Ward have been shipping precious cargoes of handmade furniture for students, many of whom are sending their works home at the end of the year. The furniture is often too bulky to be carried as luggage, and has to be exported to the student’s home country.


Packing and Shipping

At the end of each academic year t.ward assist all those students wishing to export their goods back home. Depending on the size and quantity of goods, we always give the most accurate advise and information on the process of shipping large items from the UK to the students home country.


We often assist or advise with the packing of the furniture, to ensure the item is well protected for its journey. We then pick up items from the school and take care of all the logistics of transporting the items to the correct destination.

The future

At the end of each academic year, the school exhibits the furniture to the public, and it is an excellent chance to appreciate the craftsmanship of the students, and even buy a piece of work.


We think it’s wonderful to have such an international school on our doorstep and have certainly enjoyed working with them, seeing the wide range of styles and types of work. We look forward to another 15 years as their shipping agents!

Rob Vowles with handmade furniture