Shipping in time for Christmas

05th September 2017

If you are thinking of importing goods for yourself or your business in time for Christmas, now is the time to start thinking about your requirements.

In the shipping world, there are two choices for shipping goods by container, depending on how much you are transporting at once:

FCL - Full Container Load

Full Container Load means your goods will need a whole shipping container. Transport times for these are typically shorter as the shipment is slightly more straightforward.

LCL -  Less than Container Load

LCL is where your goods only take up a portion of a shipping container. You need to allow time for stuffing and unstuffing of the container so the overall transit time is increased by around 5-10days.

Our in-house rule is once your goods start to total 15-20 cubic meters that’s when it could be worth considering using Full Containers loads instead of less than container loads.

Here are a list of typical Port to Port transit times.



Shipping Time (FCL)

Shipping Time (LCL)

Hong Kong to Felixstowe

28-30 days

35-45 days

Hong Kong  to Grangemouth

33-37 days

37-47 days

Shanghai to Felixstowe

30-33 days

33-43 days

Shanghai to Grangemouth

35-39 days

49-59 days

Qingdao to Felixstowe

36-38 days

38-48 days

Qingdao to Grangemouth

39-43 days

43-53 days

Nhava Sheva (Mumbai) to Felixstowe

27- 30 days

30 - 40 days

Nhava Sheva to GRG

32 - 35 days

35 - 45 days

Colombo, Sri Lanka to Flx

20 days

20- 30 days

Colombo to grg

24-26 days

26 - 36 days

There are plenty of other ports to choose from, but we hope this gives an idea of shipping times. If a port you are interested in is not mentioned, please contact us and we can advise.

Whether you’re trying to save money or time or both we’ll always offer a complete tailored freight solution that meets your requirements. If your goods need to arrive in time for Christmas, we suggest you allow plenty time for us to negotiate costs and requirements on your behalf.

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