The Port of Grangemouth

17th April 2018

Did you know that in addition to other ports across Scotland, t.ward shipping also covers the port of Grangemouth?  

We have been working alongside the port and supporting clients who use it for many years now, and so we are able to offer all varieties of ships agency from Grangemouth, which is Scotland’s largest container port. Grangemouth handles more than 150,000 containers every year, and there are daily sailings from here to Rotterdam, Antwerp, Felixstowe and Hamburg.

Grangemouth is a popular port for many reasons; obviously the size of the port makes it an ideal choice for many clients, and it’s also very well situated between Glasgow and Edinburgh, right at the centre of Scotland’s industrial heartland.  

Grangemouth is a popular haven for Scottish industry, handling around nine million tonnes of cargo per year. It handles over 2 million tonnes of dry cargo such as timber, granite and steel every year, which makes it an important hub – and it’s getting busier all the time. Up to 30% of Scotland’s gross domestic product (GDP) goes through the port.

Grangemouth is the UK’s largest feeder port, and the only one that exports more than it imports. It’s also estimated that 30 per cent of Scotland’s gross domestic product (GDP) goes through the port. 

The facilities include;

  • Two gantry cranes
  • 13 straddle carriers 
  • Modern driver’s reception 
  • Integrated Terminal Operating System 
  • 500,000 sqft of warehousing 
  • 365 acre estate 
  • Private and common user jetties 
  • LPG berth 
  • Dedicated general cargo berths 
  • Ability to handle ro-ro, side port and conventional vessels

This, plus Grangemouth’s location, its proximity to national road, rail and sea links, and its land availability makes the port an ideal choice for development into a top class logistics and distribution 

Grangemouth is just one of the ports served by t. ward shipping – for more information on our services please refer to our Ships Agency page.