New to importing

New to importing? Worried about importing cargo overseas for the 1st time? We ensure the process involved for your shipment is made as easy and hassle free as possible.  We chat to you to ensure you get the right shipping service for your cargo.  We explain all the processes involved and how they affect you and your liabilities.  We give you complete all-in shipping import costs with no hidden extras at the end based on the terms of your shipment.

We import to the UK from all over the world but popular importing countries are China, India, Vietnam and the USA. We import anything from small cartons to full containers loads, whether by sea freight or air freight.  We offer a tailored shipping solution to meet your requirements.

Here are some common questions and information:

Understanding the importing for your shipment – Incoterms

When your sellers give you a quotation for your goods they will advise what the shipping terms are, for example – FOB Shanghai, FCA Hong Kong or even CIF Felixstowe – these are called INCOTERMS.


We can advise you what these terms mean and what the cost implications are for you and your shipment.

In our experience, we find importing on FOB terms tends to be the most cost effective and less risky as you then know what shipping costs you will pay in advance.


When importing on CFR and CIF terms the seller arranges shipment to the 1st port/airport of arrival in the UK but there are additional costs to pay on arrival in the UK that cant always be determined before the shipment leave the sellers country.


What is the best method of shipment for your goods?  

As a freight forwarder, we offer air freight or sea freight for your imported goods depending on your requirements.

More time critical items are best to go by air freight but this is more expensive.  However, sea freight is cheaper but comes with longer transit times.

We offer prices for LCL (less than container loads) and FCL (full container loads) for your imported goods.  Our in-house rule is once your goods start to total 15-20 cubic meters that’s when it could be worth considering using Full Containers loads instead of less than container loads.

Whether you’re trying to save money or time or both we’ll always offer a complete tailored freight solution that meet your requirements.


What are my importing liabilities here in the UK?

If you’re importing for the 1st time you’ll need to apply via HMRC for an EORI number.  This application take about 3-5 days but its imperative you have one before your goods arrive to avoid any delays and extra costs.


How do I classify my goods for import with HMRC?

And what will the Import vat and duty be?  As shipping and freight forwarding agent we are more than familiar with the best way to correctly classify your goods with HMRC as well as understanding what the correct import vat and duty levels will be for your goods.  Just ask us if you’re unsure.

We can also determine if you need an import licence as well.

Insurance for importing

When shipping by sea, air or road your goods are not covered to their full value so if you are importing high value goods it's worth taking out extra cover to insure against loss, damage and theft.


Please contact us to discuss your import requirements and feel free to ask us anything.