Regular importers & exporters

Are you happy with your current forwarder for importing and exporting your goods? Are you getting the freight rates or level of service you want? Do you want a more personalized service or simply a forwarder that acts promptly?

We fully appreciate once you’ve found a freight forwarder you want to work with the desire to change to another forwarder can seem time consuming and too difficult.  As an independent freight forwarder, we feel we offer something different to much larger companies, here are some of the reasons our customers continue to use our services.

Excellent customer service

It’s our firm opinion the biggest priority for every freight forwarding job is to do a good job and look after the freight as if it was your own. If your current forwarder isn’t giving you the level of professionalism and personalized service that you want please get in touch with us about your current requirements.


"The personal service and dedication you will receive is backed up by their knowledge and understanding of not only the regulations required but also the customers special needs."

David Kay OBE - Director of International Fire and Rescue Association


Competitive Rates for importing and exporting

Whether by sea, air or road market rates will always fluctuate but as a serious freight forwarder there is no escaping the fact you need to be competitive with your pricing. If your current rates are increasing without any real justification or explanation there could be many internal factors which is why it’s important to get comparative rates from other freight forwarders; with that in mind, we always ensure our rates are at an appropriate market level.


Our excellent communication skills during the importing and exporting process

Clear and timely communication is something you should expect.  Our freight forwarding department keep a thorough log of all the steps within a shipping job and whenever there are unavoidable issues these are always communicated amongst staff members; as this not only resolves the issue much quicker but it also familiarises our staff with ongoing issues so our clients can speak to any of us.


Experienced Staff and Low Employee Turnover

Some of our staff have worked in shipping and freight forwarding for over 40 years and trained and certified by the relevant trade bodies in the shipping industry; people in business move on from time to time, that’s always to be expected; but we will always ensure our staff are either experienced or being trained to the highest standards.  When you’re working in business there is comfort to be had in dealing with the same experienced people over and over, especially when they understand your business and what you want to achieve.


"We have been working with T.Ward for the last few years and they've been incredible in supporting us with every aspect of our shipping needs. Growing from singular pallets up to several containers at a go, they've guided us through the process providing much needed advice on all the details right down to a personal demonstration of how to stack a pallet & load a container! We couldn't recommend them more and they've enabled the charity to do so much more thanks to their cost efficient services."

James Turing - Director of the Turing Trust


If Your Business Has Changed and your importing and exporting needs are different

If you have recently expanded your market or product offerings, you may have outgrown the capabilities of your local forwarder. Not all forwarders are alike. Some specialise in air only. Some are exclusively domestic. Others are primarily truck brokers.


On the other side, you may have down sized and no longer have someone looking sole after your shipping and transport requirements.  Either way our thorough and personalised service ensures you’re always well looked after.

Insurance Cover for import and export goods

You need to make certain that your forwarder has adequate cargo insurance, bonding and is ready and willing to name you as an additional insured on their policies.  If they cannot or will not, it’s a huge red flag that warrants very close scrutiny.


Members of British International Freight Association (BIFA)

As active members of BIFA we are kept up to date with current rules and regulations within the industry.


We work with regular exporters and importers all over Scotland and the rest of the UK looking after their shipping, transport and customs requirements as if we were in fact their own in house transport or shipping department.

Working independently gives us the complete freedom to use different shipping lines, airlines, haulier and courier companies with the sole goal of supplying a service that is best suited to our client’s requirements.

We work with multinational companies, sole traders and even charities and we’re confident our personalised and meticulousness approach to looking after your shipments is one you can rely on.