UK customs clearance

t.ward shipping offer a complete range of sea and air freight customs clearance services for all UK export and imports for commercial and private customers.



Importing or exporting cargo to/from a non-EU country

If you are looking to import/export cargo to/from a non-EU country, you will need to have in a place a UK customs clearance agent that can process your imports and exports with HMRC.


We at t.ward shipping provide a comprehensive range of customs clearance services to the benefit of commercial importers and exporters whether you are shipping via sea, air or road. We offer full customs clearance services and advice on the following:


Customs clearance advice for Far East sea freight imports for FCL / LCL


FCL – full container loads

LCL – less than container loads

For first time importers it is particularly important to have the full scope of charges with your imports. We can explain in detail how your import duty and tax is calculated, what possible vat/duty rates will be and when and where you pay these charges.

Customs clearance services for UK Ports 

We arrange import and export declarations, whether FCL and LCL, for deep sea container movements for your import business and export business. We are linked to the Customs computer (CHIEF) and can arrange clearances at following ports in the UK:
⦁ Bristol
⦁ Felixstowe
⦁ Grangemouth
⦁ Greenock
⦁ Immingham
⦁ London Gateway
⦁ Liverpool
⦁ Southampton
⦁ Thamesport
⦁ Tilbury



Airfreight customs clearance at all major UK airports


We also offer air freight import customs clearance services at major UK and Scottish airports such as.


⦁ Edinburgh
⦁ Glasgow
⦁ London Heathrow
⦁ Manchester


Tariff Clarification advice

In freight shipping all cargo requires a specific code (also known as HS codes) for customs purposes, as an importer or export of cargo you have a legal responsibility to ensure you are declaring your goods with HMRC correctly. You can also look at HMRC website. If you’re unsure what your code is, we can help.


Import & Export licences

Certain cargo types need an export or import licence (particularly goods of plant and animal origin) by HMRC, if you’re unsure about your cargo get in touch.

Temporary imports

If you have specific customs clearance requests such as temporarily importing goods into UK such as for repair, inward processing or for transhipping let us help you.

Duty & Tax planning

We can assist with determining your import vat and duty requirements. Our customs brokers can help you with customs clearance whether you are using sea freight or airfreight for any type of product.  For information please contact us.