Ship Layup and Anchorage


Laying up a vessel can be cost effective especially over the winter period or in times of economic uncertainty. ‘Laying up’ simply means that a vessel is neither being actively used nor repaired.


  • A Hot Lay-up is when you keep the vessel anchored with a reduced crew but with some element of the ship’s machinery, like generators, still working. It’s normally a short term measure and easy to get the vessel up and running again fairly quickly when needed.
  • A Cold Lay-up is a vessel that doesn’t have any machinery running while it’s laid up. This requires a safe and secure place and a full shut down. Re-commissioning a vessel that’s been laid up long term can be much harder and can take some time.

t. ward shipping ltd can help with any anchorage and layup needs. We facilitate your ships time during the process of dry docking to make the process go as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.


If you’re an owner or operator of a ship that needs to be laid up, contact us to find out about our peace of mind laying up services. In a ships agency capacity we can help with all aspects of the process, from documentation, to maintenance and inspections through our local contacts.


t ward shipping ltd offers efficient, secure and cost-effective solutions for vessels laying-up in all Firth of Forth and Clyde Ports.