Shipping for Charities

We work with many charitable organisations throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK. We offer our expert knowledge for the shipment of charitable goods ensuring our registered charity customers get the best advice and competitive freight rates available.


We can assist with containerised sea freight movements, air freight, road freight and even larger items being shipped/donated such as vehicles and machinery. 


Is shipping for charities free?

We really wish it was, however we can guarantee you will be offered market level competetive shipping rates. We also like to help and support the charities we work with by actively promoting them on our social media outlets.


Whare is required?

Before we can look at costs for transportation of the goods, there are certain requirements you will need in place.

In this instance, in many overseas countries we do not have our own customs clearance agent to help with the destination customs formalities. You would need to make sure the charity you are sending your goods to have their own agent in place before sending goods.

You will also need to acquire a UK EORI number to be able to export the shipment. You can apply for this on the UK government website -


Why do we specialise in shipping for charities?

We have worked with many different charities over the years and from recommendations this has led us to work with even more charities. The has meant we have gathered a great overall picture of the wants and needs charities have when looking for shipping services.


We fully appreciate the importance of helping those who need it most, and we’re happy to help individuals and organizations with their shipping requirements. Some of our customers doing excellent work are:



"T-Ward has now been our preferred Shipping agent for the last 3 years and they have shipped all over the world for us and we have NEVER had an issue. The personal service and dedication you will receive is backed up by their knowledge and understanding of not only the regulations required but also the customers special needs. I have asked T-Ward the strangest questions due to the materials we send out worldwide and they have always came up with a solution. I highly recommend this company and will be continuing to use them to assist Fire Services abroad in the future.  

David Kay OBE"



Please get in touch for your freight enquiries.